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Team Moana

Welcome to Moana NZ SUP, supplier of quality stand up paddle boards and all the gear that goes with it. We are based in Nelson, top of the South Island and supply boards all over New Zealand.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a sport that everyone can enjoy, regardless of your age, ability or size. All around the world Stand Up Paddle Boarders are surfing, racing, touring, working on fitness, fishing, running rivers or just messing around at the beach with friends and family.  With nearly 16000kms of coastline and 1000s of liquid acres of fresh waterways, New Zealanders are no different.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is, without a doubt, the fastest growing water sport in the world and by far the easiest way to get out on the water and enjoy the wonders of MOANA (ocean), AWA (rivers) and ROTO (lake).

It’s all about the STOKE factor!  Catching your first wave (or fish) or competing in your first race is an amazing feeling, but just getting out there and having a blast with friends and family can be just as much of a buzz.

So if you are keen to Surf, Race, Fish or all of the above, MOANA NZ SUP has a board for you. Top quality materials and over 10 years of SUP manufacturing experience to ensure guaranteed quality at a great price. If you don’t see what you want on this site, contact us directly for a Custom SUP quotation.

If you've never had a go, contact us for a demo.

Da Bosses

Bridget and Toby Wild have a passion for the outdoors and have been sharing adventures together for 25 years. Toby has been earning a living in the outdoors over a wide range of adventure disciplines for many years, and thinks he's the man in charge. Bridget brings a wealth of tourism experience and loves nothing more than the personal contact the industry brings, and everyone knows she is the one in charge!!                         

Their passion for Stand Up Paddleboarding has come for their mutual love of the ocean and their eagerness to give everyone the opportunity to get out there and enjoy the same feeling. With that in mind they have designed a range of Paddleboards to suit just about everyone and enjoy nothing more than product testing, all in the interest of customer satisfaction.

They are very lucky to have a great team to support them and look forward to catching up on the sand or on the water.  See you out there!!!


Sam is our resident Ginger, everyone has one, born with gills I reckon and our water baby.  Sam has a wealth of experience about and around the ocean, a Marine Biologist with a passion for free diving and ocean videography, check out his work on his You tube channel WildFox Productions.  You will find Sam on the beach, generally shirtless and always open to a chat, just don't get him started on his Orca stories!!!




Rosie Mae is back from Uni for a summer on the beach, and much to her fathers relief, unlike her brother Sam, never topless!!  She's the life and soul of any social gathering and she shares the same passion for the ocean that we all do, mainly mussels, scallops and any kind of smoked fish.  A lover of all things sport, she will be the first member of the team to disappear with a ball of some sort, most likely to challenge you to Volleyball or Beach Footy.... and the first to throw her toys from the pram, should he result not go her way!!  


Nick hails from the lower North Island, you can just about see his mum hanging out the washing on a clear day!!  But now calls Nelson home, a qualified ISA/SNZ instructor and mad keen SUP surfer and Racer, Nick is our crash test dummy for my random designs, and only true Team Rider.  My right hand man, and we are stoked to have such a handsome man keeping us real!!


Awesome to have Sanne on board (or in a kayak) this year.  Having taken some time out to be a mum to the gorgeous Mila, she is now chomping at the bit to get back out on the water.  Having trained at NMIT as a Sea kayak guide she worked for several seasons as a guide in the Abel Tasman NP, before following her passion for Geology.  She's now super keen to show her smile and share the stories on the Lighthouse Sea Kayak Adventure.