Locally Owned & Passion Driven.

Meet the Moana Team


With a contagious passion for the ocean and a fitting surname, Mr. Wild has over 25 years of experience as an outdoors instructor. 

From white water rafting, kayaking, adventure tourism to paddle boarding — he’s done and taught it all. Tobs is a “sweet as, let’s do it” kind of guy who dives in and lives life to the fullest.


Business and life partner to Toby, Bridge is the warm and welcoming face behind Moana. For her, it’s all about family, community and togetherness.

Bridget has a wealth of experience in the tourism space, and keeps Toby on his toes.


Missy, the gal that keeps the flow flowing and the show showing. She’s a born and bred Nelsonian and a keen SUPer from way back when.

Missy is the wonderwoman that keeps the Moana shop in tact, teaches our SUP students, makes sure our customers are grinning and keeps the Moana team moving — all while having time to capture it and share in on our social channels. Missy is Moana through and through.