In case you were looking for another reason, well 5 other reasons, to get out there and explore the great Moana on a paddleboard…

Fun, Low Impact Exercise

SUPing is gentle on the body, and involves standing, balancing and paddling. The chance of injury is low, and is often recommended for injured athletes for helping with the healing process of the muscles without damaging them further. 

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Reduce Stress

The water is known to have a relaxing effect on the human body and mind. A nice paddling rhythm, fresh air and beautiful scenery can soothe you and stimulate your brain to produce serotonin and endorphins - which give you the warm fuzzies. 

Works Your Whole Body

When paddling, forces are distributed throughout every muscle from the neck to the toes. Your legs are required to stabilise you. Your back, arms and shoulders are engaged to paddle. Your core, back and abdominal muscles are helping you maintain your balance. Keen to gain some abs of steel? Get paddling. 

Gets Your Heart Rate Up

Paddleboarding can be an epic cardio workout if you want it to be. Burn calories and get your sweat on.

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A Social Sport 

Whether it’s with your kids, an old friend, your partner, or even your dog, paddleboarding is an activity that can bring you closer to your loved ones. Get out there and experience the great feelings of the Moana together. 

Ready to get out there? 

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