Moana Air Foil

$599.00 $1,049.00

The Moana Air Foil Inflatable boards are all about performance.  Designed with the travelling wing-surfer or SUP foiler or just as at home as your go to Foil Board for just about any form of foiling.  The Moana Air Foil range is constructed using double layer woven drop stitch with reinforced rails, resulting in an extremely stiff board while making no compromise on performance, allowing for superior foiling experience.  The pulled in nose helps you get that early lift while the curved rail outline and moderate nose rocker mean the touch down time will be kept to an an absolute minimum.  The M TEC Kiwi designed full carbon foil mount with built in carry handle spreads the load of the foil, so you'll be forgiven for feeling like you are riding a rigid composite board.







Air Foil Inflatable 90

5’1”/155 cm

24”/60 cm

5”/12 cm

90 L

Air Foil Inflatable 110L

5’3”/160 cm

27”/70 cm

5”/12 cm

110 L

Air Foil Inflatable 118 L

5'8”/172 cm

28”/71 cm

5”/12 cm

118 L