Tumeke Stand Up Paddleboard


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The Tumeke is the flagship model in the Moana fleet and by far the most popular board in our range.  We put that down to its classic features, slick design and all-round stability.  But you decide. 

Inspired by old school longboard designs, the rounded rocker nose has a single concave entry, giving great lift and glide for a board this size.  The midsection is wide around the stand zone for great stability while the tail end section holds volume through to a squash tail and a mild double concave.  Great on the flat as well as an awesome performer in the surf.  

All Moana Hardboards are delivered to your nearest freight depot. 

Product Dimensions

Length 9'6", 10', 10'6", 11', 11'6"
Width 30", 31", 32", 32.5", 32.75"
Thickness 4'0", 4'0" 4.25", 4.5", 4.75"
Volume 149, 170, 192, 204 litres
Fins 1 Centre, 2 x side included
Weight range 60kg - 120kg

Weight Range Table

 Tumeke Beginner Intermediate Advanced
9'6"-10' (149L) 65kgs 75kgs 95kgs
10'6 (170L) 75kgs 85kgs 105kgs
11' (192L) 85kgs 95kgs 115kgs
11'6 (204L) 90kgs+ 105kgs+ 125kgs+

Tumeke Features:

• Smaller width and volume for speed and performance 
• Nose mounted Go Pro insert
• Tie down points in front of deck pad
• 3mm EVA deck pad for grip and comfort, with built in tail kick
• Full grip ergonomic carry handle for easy lift and carry
• Genuine FCS 2 Fin boxes
• Polycarb centre fin and 2 x FCS 2 fins included
• FREE airflow heavy duty board bag included


Learn more about the Tumeke board features.