Far King Key Safe Deluxe


Far King Key Safe - Deluxe

New Features - neow iwth a light ofr use at night and a bottle opener.

Whether you are cutting laps on the track, venturing off on a trail ride to get lost for a few hours or heading out for your morning surf, it pays to make sure your car and it's valuable contents are secure while you are out enjoying yourself. With the FK Surf Deluxe Key Safe, you can rest a little easier knowing that you are making the task of making off with your pride and joy a fair bit more challenging to any would be car theives.

The Deluxe Key Safe sets itself apart by offering RFID security for those keys that feature remote key and remote start functions. Simply pop your key fob into the included pouch and lock away to safely store your car's starting utensil while you focus on getting down and dirty (or salty).


  • New Heavy duty 10mm shackle 
  • Largest storage area 89mm x 62mm x 29mm 
  • Includes innovative RFID Signal Blocking Pouch 
  • Eliminates RFID signal so thieves cannot steal key signals on keyless entry cars 
  • Hardened Metal Case Foam backed to protect car 
  • 10,000 code combinations  


Please Note: A key safe is only a deterrent. It is better than just hiding your keys at the beach or in the bush. Thieves can be very cunning and with the right tools will break into any device and car.
Whilst this is the strongest key safe available the maker gives no warranty the key safe is thief proof. FK Surf recommends that you attach the key safe to the car in a hard to access, out of sight  area under the car. Consider a second line of defence such as a steering lock as a safeguard against thieves.

FK premium surf accessories are developed to be the best on the planet. In a surfing world overrun by global corporations Far King prides itself on being a small hands-on surf business making the highest quality products without the corporate price tag. Looks come and go but FK's products are designed to stand the test of time in and around the water.