Storage Racks


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Available for SUPS, surfboards or kayaks, our storage racks allow you to display your board like the piece of art that it is, while also keeping it safe and secure. Rack can be mounted to any wall material, drywall, tile, stucco/plaster, wood, brick or concrete.

  • Can be mounted to accommodate all different length of equipment
  • Ideal for use indoors or outdoors will never rust
  • Perfect storage for any size
  • Marie Kondo approved (hello organised garage)


Use screws appropriate to your wall type (8 gauge x 35mm countersunk screws are appropriate for most situations). Fix the screws through the holes provided in the universal sleeve to a wall stud, (use wall plugs if not going into studs) then simply slide the rack arm into the channel provided, from top to bottom, so simple and interchangeable. Screws not included.