Swim Ears


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SwimEars ear plugs for swimming let sound in and keep water out. SwimEars protect your ears from common ear health issues associated with water based activities including swimmer’s ear (otits externa), surfer’s ear (exostoses) without affecting your hearing or balance by blocking out water, cold air and bacteria. Every pair of SwimEars come with interchangeable parts (sized XS to L) which allow you to customise your pair to achieve the perfect fit for each ear.

Designed especially for the needs of swimmers both at the pool and in open water, SwimEars employs a minimal design to easily & comfortably fit under swimming caps, googles straps and helps to reduce drag while swimming.

  • Lets Sound In: SwimEars lets you to hear your surroundings and communicate freely with swim coaches, support crew and friends while swimming or enjoying other water based recreational activities.
  • Keeps Water Out: Our hydrophobic coated acoustic mesh stops water from entering and keeps your ears protected and warm. This helps to prevent common ear problems like ear inflammation, surfer’s ear and swimmer’s ear by eliminating contact with water.
  • Secure Fit: By using the included leash, secure your SwimEars to your person so you never lose them. Made from silky soft silicone, you won’t even know it’s there while swimming.
  • Great Comfort: With the Support Wings, Sealing Gels and Leash all made from soft, skin safe silicone, SwimEars ear plugs are so comfortable that you’ll quickly forget you’re even wearing them.
  • Colour Coding: SwimEars have asymmetrical left and right plugs to create a better, more ergonomic and comfortable fit. Colour coded plugs help you get the right plug in the right ear, first time, every time.