Te Manu Wing Foil Board


The Te Manu Wing Foil is designed to be forgiving and quick to get up on the plane, giving you more time to fly.  The boards design features mellow chined rails and a flat bottom rocker for quick release onto foil but enough nose rocker to bounce out of the touch downs. A selection of board sizes offer plenty of width to be stable even in choppy water, while its croc skin deck pad is soft on the knees and feet.  The inset bottom carry handle has an ergonomic recess and makes launching and landing simple. The extended foil tracks give you all the options you need for mast placement and make this board compatible with just about any foil set up on the market.

  • Durable and lightweight carbon construction.
  • Extra long foil tracks
  • Concave deck
  • Inset bottom carry handle.
  • Foot-strap insert options.(not included)
Te Manu Dimensions
Length 4'6" -    4'8" -      4'10" -    5' -     5'2"   5'4"
Width  23" -     23.5" -    24" -       25"     26"    27"
Thickness 3.4" -     4.1" -      4.5" -      4.8"     5"     5.4"
Volume 50L -     60L -      70L -       80L     90L   105L
Weight range 3.5kgs-6.5kgs