We can all feel the seasons changing and for many of us our boards have been hibernating over winter, but now it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and get them out!

Once you find your gear, whether it’s been in the corner of the garage, the boat shed, or in storage, it’s really important to give it a check before heading out onto the water.

Here's a few things you should take a look at:

1. Your Board 


  • Recommend inflating your board at home, give yourself a chance to give it a clean, check for damage and also to remember how to do it! 
  • Clean off the cobwebs, dirt and any mold, soapy warm water should do it, just no harsh chemical cleaners. 
  • Check for any decent scratches, scruffs, and that the seals are good around the value. 
  • Great idea to leave it inflated overnight to make sure it’s holding pressure. 

Above is an example of a seam leak on an Inflatable SUP that needs some TLC. 

Hard boards

  • Check your board for any cracks or splits that might have an effect, if the board is water tight or not.
  • If your board has an air relief valve, check it for blockages, sand etc.  If it can't do its job, then that could lead to later issues.

Example of crack on a hard board that will need a repair to ensure it's watertight. 


When it comes to DIY repairs we have a range of resin repair kits and resins available in-store

*Depending on the size, severity and where exactly the damage is on the board a small repair can be reasonably straight forward. For something more major it would be a good idea to get in touch with someone with some experience. 


2. Leash

  • Run your fingers over the leash to check for any splits. 
  • Give the velcro a good clean and check it’s still got a good stick to it. 
  • Check for tears. 

close up of a paddleboard leash    Moana Coiled blue Leg leash

Check the cuff, rail saver, leash rope (if you have one), the swivels and the cord. 

Your leash is such an integral piece of your safety kit, if there’s any doubt it could be time to grab a new one. Check out the options here. 


3. Paddle

  • If you have an adjustable paddle that’s been left a bit salty you may now have yourself a fixed paddle...hopefully a good clean (take it all apart) and maybe even some CRC can unseize it. 
  • Carbon paddles, check the shaft for any splits that might become a disaster out on the water. 

3 piece adjustable paddle dismantled on top of a Moana Kehu paddle board   close up of a dismantled 3 piece paddle

Pull your adjustable paddle apart and rinse out any hollow shafts and check any screws. 

If it's time for a new one, here are some options.

4. Buoyancy Aids (PFD)

  • All PFDs. Give them a clean, remove any salt and sand. Check for tears, make sure any buckles are still working how they should. 
  • Inflatable PFDs. You will need to check that the gas canister is still ready to go, and don't forget to let it all dry out before rolling it back into the pouch. 

Red Paddle Co. Inflatable Personal Floatation Device

If you need more information about the right type of PFD for you take a look at NZSUP website 'Understanding PFDs'

Need more visuals to do with checking your gas canister we found a helpful video on you tube - 'Inspecting your Life Jacket/Belt Pack' from BoatUSFoundation. 

If it's a new Buoyancy aid your after check out ours here.

5. Pumps 

We often end up in the sand pumping up our boards, which means sand can get into the chamber and mess with the seals. It’s easy enough to take it apart and give it a clean, no need to make the pumping harder than it needs to be!

  • Take it apart and give it a clean.
  • Check the hose for any splits. 
  • Tighten any screws, check the pressure gauge etc, seal up any possible leaks.

Hand pump for a paddle board dismantled   Inside of a hand pump for a paddle board   Inside of a hand pump for a paddle board

If your pumps not doing the job anymore we have hand-pumps and electric pumps available, check out the range here.

6. Fins

If you’ve left your fins in over winter take them out and give the fin and the fin box a clean, get it running smoothly. Still have your plate and screw handy? Check for cracks around the fin boxes, maybe time for something new?


If you're a bit unsure about something or would prefer us to take a look for you we will be running a WOF for Paddle boards and gear in November 2022. 

Keep an eye on our facebook page Moana NZ SUP for the event. 

Got your Gear sorted?! Wicked, now it's time get out on the Moana and enjoy!


Team Moana


p.s. to keep your gear in the best possible state, make sure to rinse it all off with freshwater after each ocean paddle. 

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