She'll be right...until it's not!

She'll be right...until it's not!

Summer is here and the holidays are coming! This means bucket-loads of time hanging out, in and around our fresh and salt water hot spots all around the Motu. Waterways are busy, much like the State Highway traffic at this time of the year!  It's time to get on the water to have FUN - but be SAFE.

Paddlers (and any water users) in our opinion, should always be prepared for the worst case scenario, just incase it does happen!  And one of the key pieces of safety equipment you need when paddling is a buoyancy aid.

women on a paddleboard on a lake with mountains behind her

Get Geared Up for Summer

We can all feel the seasons changing and for many of us our boards have been hibernating over winter, but now it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and get them out!

Once you find your gear, whether it’s been in the corner of the garage, the boat shed, or in storage, it’s really important to give it a check before heading out onto the water.

Here's a few things you should take a look at...